Baths of Licinius with the Capitoline Temple in the background, Roman City of Dougga, The Tell, Tuni

Ok, so I’m still uploading images from Dougga.  But at least this one has an interesting lesson for those who are thinking about shooting stock.  It is a vertical image, with a lot of blank space at the top.  There is also space at the bottom and sides of the image.  I framed the image this way to try to make this shot “front cover” friendly.  Typically magazines have a title at the top – so they need a blank area in the top quater over which they can put the magazine tile.  Also they like to be able to include some “In this issue…” text.  That kind of information would fit nicely in the blank space at the bottom of the page, or possbly in the dark area to the left of the columns.

It should be noted that this image has never actually been used for a magazine cover… but if it ever is… you now know the reasons why it might have been chosen.