Robin Hood Statue, outside Nottingham Castle. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Monday 23rd March 2009
This evening I should have been leading a C3 Photography group meeting, all about selling images through photographic libraries.  As part of that I had planed to demo preparing and submitting an image to Alamy as part of the talk.  That image SHOULD have been my POTD.

However…. I had a dentist appointment this morning and a routine filling (which had been causing me no pain at all before going to the dentist) left me with a severe stabing pain in the tooth that had been filled.  This resulted in me making two return trips to the dentist today (long story) and not able to lead or host the C3 photography meeting.  This meant no photo prepared as part of the talk and no upload to Alamy. 

So my POTD is this image of the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham.  Why?  Because I was going to use this image in my talk (it is already on Alamy), and secondly the pain in my tooth felt just as though someone was driving Robin Hood’s metal arrow directly in to my tooth!

Thursday 26th March 2009
I’m posting this entry a few days late.  I’m pleased to be able to report that the tooth pain has all but gone now!