Small green cardboard house

Haven’t been out of the house all day because I’ve been preparing my “Introduction to Digital Photography” course.  The course starts on Sunday I’ve got enough people signed up to make it worth while running the course but I could really do with one or two more.  Anyhow that’s getting of the point… 

I knew I didn’t want to do yet another snow pic for my POTD/365 image, and I’d sort of decided that I wanted to do something to do with the house.  That’s when I remembered a small carboard house made out of green card.  I brought it back from a church weekend away in October with the intention of photographing it as a stock photo.  So no time like the present.

Tecnical details.  Two flash guns on camera left and slightly behind the house pointing up at the ceiling on full power… (it’s an old flash gun that my dad gave me and only has full power!) my EX550 camera right and infront of the house on 1/128th power to act provide a highlight on the front of the model.  Both triggered wirelessly.