Script for Three Sisters by Anton Chechov.

I was ment to be doing the cast photo at today’s Three Sisters rehearsal but due to circumstances beyond my control (ie we didn’t have all the costumes and we didn’t have the chairs) it will have to wait till Thursday’s dress rehearsal.  Which should be easier as I’ll have Lisa (aka yattyimages) there to help…. for those who don’t know I’m acting in the play as well as co-ordinating all things photographic to do with it!

All this left me without a POTD/365 image.  Last thing at night I had the script out to take to bed to learn my lines (yes… yes… that’s right I’m going to bed with three sisters every night!).  So as a quick ‘I’m running out of time shot’ I did a table top shot of the script.  Quite pleased with it, truth be told.  For the benefit of those on my intro to digital photography course… Subject large in frame, strong diagonals, narrow depth of field, vignetting and I almost managed rule of thirds on the the title!  A text book shot… or at least it would have been if it had been a text book and not a script.

Tickets still available for the play….  You can even buy tickets online…