NOT 27/365 – Hulk Smash, originally uploaded by Ian M Butterfield.

I wanted to have a go at another Marvel figurine today, but I wanted to do something different from the split lighting/black background set up that I’ve used in the past. Having chosen The Hulk as my subject the obvious background colour just had to be green. I also wanted to see if I could create the image with just one light. I’m pleased to say I was sucessful.

Here’s the set-up:

One Speedlight/flash gun camera right: The speedlight has a stofen diffuser attached and pointed the flash upwards so that the light falling on the figurine came mainly through the side of the defuser – an attemp to soften the light just slightly.

To the left of the figure I placed a white envelope to bounce back just a little bit of the flash and fill-in the shadows slightly. I move the reflector back and forth until I got just the right amount of light bouncing back.

The green background is a green ring-binder. The ring binder was place sufficiently far behind the figure to ensure that the textured surface was out of focus. The second envelope next to the speedlight is to prevent the flash from fully illuminating the ring binder and to make sure that I didn’t get an totally even background.

The ring binder has a slight sheen to it. This gave a hot spot from the light that was falling on it from the flash. I then angled the ring binder to make the hot-spot fall behind the Hulk which makes him stand out from the background.

Very little done in post production. White balance adjusted to ensure the Hulk was green. AWB really didn’t know what to make of an all green image! Very slight vignette added hardly necessary as the hotspot gave a really good vignette effect without me having to add one in. Saturation boosted – because the Hulk is a comic book character he looks better with highly saturated colours as you would see in a printed comic book. Final export to Photoshop to add the “Hulk Smash!” words.

Job done.