Fellow photographers,

We have two things happening at the studio this weekend.  Both with a glamour theme.  Looking further ahead.  I’ve had no-one requesting an event for Good Friday, so there will be no “Friday Night at the Studio” next week.  The next event after this weekend will be the full day “Antidote to a Royal Wedding – Trash the dress shoot” on Friday 29th April.

The studio is available over the Easter weekend for anyone who wishes to hire it for their own shoot, if you need assistance with lights or general advice, I am happy to provide both formal or informal training when you hire the studio.  Equally, if you want to be left alone in the studio to just get on with your own shoot that is equally possible… I have plenty of work to do in the office!

15th April – Glamour Night

For this “Friday Night at the Studio” event we will be looking at glamour photography.

Please note we have a change of model for this event. Our previously announced model is now no longer able to come to this event.  Instead we have Sarah-Scarlett.  See her Purestorm profile here: http://www.purestorm.com/shobart.  At present we only have one guaranteed space available for this event.  After that I will only be able to accept additional photographers if I am able to book a second model, so if you are wanting to come please let me know as soon as possible.

We will shoot a number of different set-ups using a range of glamour styles from soft focus 1950s style, via classic “page three” through to some more contemporary glamour styles.  If you have your own ideas for set-ups, there will be plenty of time to try those out too.

Please note that the model(s) will be working to topless for some of the the evening.

Cost: £26

Saturday 16th April – Digital rain & wet-look glamour workshop

NOTE: There are now only TWO places remaining on this workshop.

This one day training event will teach how to create wet-look glamour images and to add rain effects and lightning effects in Photoshop.

During the morning we will spend 2-3hours in the studio working with the model. After lunch (which is included in the price of the course) we go into a tutorial session where you will be shown how to use Photoshop to add digital rain and digital lightning effects to the images we created during the morning session.

More Information…..

Our model for this event will be Sarah-Scarlett (as shown in the image above).

Cost £69 (includes lunch, printed notes,  and a disk with video tutorial)

Friday 29 April – Trash the Dress, an Antidote to a Royal Wedding

Friday 29th April 2011 (10.00am till 4.00pm) – Antidote to a royal wedding – Trash the dress shoot.

Fed up with the Royal Wedding?  Want an excuse to get away from it? Come to our “Trash the Dress” shoot.

We will use some of the “urban decay” locations close to the studio for the first part of this event, which will see our model(s) climbing rusty fire-escapes, posing in front of shipping containers and sitting on crumbling walls.

Later in the day we will head up to the local parks where we will set up shots of the models lying in the fallen cherry blossom, climbing in the trees and hopefully splashing in a fountain too.

In the event of bad weather we will still do some work outside – such as models jumping and splashing in puddles before escaping the rain back in the studio, where we will finish trashing the dress(es) using with some paint based images.

1, 2 or 3 models depending on the number of photographers booked.
Model Details to be confirmed shortly.

Price: £55 (does NOT include lunch)

Coming Soon……

Next week I shall be publishing an up to date list of events for the summer months… so watch this space!