I've finally had to decide how I'm going to handle nude images when uploading to Google+.

I've just shared the first album where this is an issue. It's from an Art Nude event I ran at my studio at the end of May. G+ Ts & Cs restrict what can be uploaded and shared. Basically there is a "no nudity" rule.

In an attempt to keep within the spirit of the this rule all the images I am uploading to G+ are either clothed or have nothing more than "implied nudity". My definition of implied nudity is no nipples showing and nothing showing between the legs. This kind of approach appears to be acceptable in most (non top-shelf) magazines and it is appears to have been an acceptable approach to FB.

Further more, because G+ enables me to restrict who gets to see what I publish and share I am only sharing albums that include "implied nudity" with those people who are in my Photographers circle and Models circle.

For those who want to see the full albums – I will be posting a link to my own website which contains the full set of images from the shoot. Oh yes and with that link there is a warning that the album contains nudity.

For those of you who are in my photographers or models circles you can see the album here: