It was a busy weekend running an event on Friday evening and a full day event on Saturday. I'll be sharing some of the images from the weekend through out the day so keep monitoring your G+ stream for them.

First up a portrait shot at the "Technicolor Grey" event on Friday. The theme of the event was to use a monochrome (grey) background and colour it using gels. In this shot we used two background lights and two different coloured gets to create the effect. A bowens studio light with a simple reflector and a blue gel was used to colour the background blue. Then a second bowens head this time with a grid and a red gel was use to give a colour highlight/halo behind Sophie (the model).

The foreground lighting consisted of a bownes head with partially closed 60in brolly. This was positioned high in front of Sophie. Shadows were then filled in using a reflector on Sophie's lap.

(My thanks to +Richard Bradbury who brought the 60in brolly to the event and showed how we could use it to light the foreground in combination with the background lighting effects that I was demonstrating)

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