Another image from Friday's Calvin Klein style event. This is from the final set of the evening. We soaked Lexx and Kate (poor Kate, I don't think she realised just how wet she was going to have to get). A tip for anyone doing this kind of shoot, get the models to cover their skin with baby oil first it makes the water droplets stand out more.

The lighting was a happy accident on this shot. Two rim lights behind with grids on them. I also set up two softboxes high up and front. One was set as the main light with the smaller of the two as a fill light. When this shot was taken the main light didn't trigger. Which gave, as you can see, a much darker more moody look to the image. (Granted I had to play with the exposure a little in Lightroom).

If you want to see the rest of the images that I took at the event take a look here: ( Note: My standard warning applies… album contains tasteful nudity).

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