I created a G+ Page last night for +Ian's Studio but I am seriously wondering how much use it will be to me. There are some major restrictions with these pages:

I have no way to move my 10,800+ followers over to following "Ian's Studio" which logically is what they should be following as that is my photographic business. Nor can I stop those 10,800+ people from following my personal account.

Pages can only circle people who have either circled my page or have interacted with my page. This means until people find me, I can't actually interact with them as a business. That includes leaving comments. I follow +Trey Ratcliff and he made some interesting points about pages from a photographer's point of view – I wanted to respond/comment on his post but because +Trey Ratcliff hasn't yet interacted with +Ian's Studio+Ian's Studio can't comment on his post.

A page cannot +1 web pages. This just seams silly to me. Surely it should be possible of a business to endorse web page?

The next couple of points are minor ones but frustrating none-the-less. Switching between using G+ as me and as +Ian's Studio could be simpler. To switch I have to go to my profile page and then use the drop down box which then taken me to my pages's profile page or vice verca. Why is this an issue? I found today some who had circled my page but not me as a individual. I was looking at the person's profile wanted to add them to my circles, switched profiles and of course now could no longer see them. The solution is to remember the name, type it into the search box to be able to locate the person and circle them from the personal account. Long winded or what! If I could switch profiles without moving from my friends page it would have been easy.

I use google+blog by +Daniel Treadwell – at the moment I can only import posts from my personal profile not from my business page. I'm sure +Daniel Treadwell will sort this one in time.

And finally… and this is a bug that I have reported…. in some cases on my page "Ian's Studio" gets displayed as "Ian's Studio" Grrrr!

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