I have a problem with Google+. The problem is I have over 10,600+ followers. Don't get me wrong, I think that is brilliant, and I am humbled that so many people think I am worth following.

But here's the problem: Who do I follow/circle back? Google limits the number of people you can circle to 5000 – so that means I can't circle over half of the people who circle me. Sorry. And to be honest, I am not sure I would want to circle everyone, I can only spend a finite amount of time reading posts and looking at photos so I have to be selective.

So I'm going to set some criteria:
1. I want to circle anyone who I have met in real life. You are likely to be a friend, or business contact. You are important to me, so I want to read what you are posting.
2. I want to circle any photographers within travelling distance of Stockport. As a studio owner and photography event organiser, you are my potential customers. I want to keep in touch with my customers.
3. I want to circle people who read my posts and who post interesting posts themselves – If you are reading this, you are half way there!

So here's the circles I have:
Friends (Reserved for people I have met in real life)
Photographers (3 circles: Local, UK, and Worldwide)
Science Fiction Fans – people who post about SF or who want to discuss it
Models – I work with a lot of models and wish to keep in touch with them through G+
Theatre – Actually this covers anyone involved in theatre, acting or performing in anyway

Finally I have another circle:
Christian and interested – Yes, I am a Christian and active in a local church. Sometimes I want to talk about my faith. My faith should be part of every bit of my life but I don't want to "Bible Bash" and so some discussions about faith I want to keep to those who actually want to hear what I have to say. If you want to be part of or just listen to those discussion, please tell me and I will put you in that circle.

So if you have got this far into the post – well done. If you want me to follow/circle you please reply and tell me which circles I should put you in.

PS: If this post ever gets shared, here's the link back to the original: https://plus.google.com/106287665062204946341/posts/KeKCbw8BUUC

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