I host my photos with Zenfolio and they have just implemented a +1 system which enables me to post images to G+ direct from my Zenfolio galleries.

There's a lots of benefits for me for posting images this way. Firstly it means it is easier for me to post; it means I keep all my photos in one place; it means that the full gallery of images from the shoot is automatically linked to the post.

The main down side that I can see are that, the image that appears in my G+ stream is only a small thumbnail (as you can see) and not the larger images that you get if you upload the image direct to G+

The only other downside is that the image doesn't appear in the G+ gallery of images when you look at look at your contacts photographs.

So what do you think, folks? How would you prefer to see my images presented on G+? Like this? or as I have been doing posted directly to G+

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2011-10-28 Helen False Perspective | Miss Bossy-Boots
False perspective image woman and boots