Abandoned shopping trolley, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, Spain

Difficult to choose which picture to upload as my POTD for 13 Jan. We visited El Cotillo which is where I had planed to go a few days earlier but I sprained my ankles and we had to abandon that idea.

On the whole El Cotillo is a nice place but there are a few areas of urban decay such as this building where I found an abandoned shopping trolley. I'm starting to think I could make a whole sequence of images based round shopping trolleys.

With this image I was please I was able to balance the trolley on the left with the chair visible through the doorway. There has been some colour tweaking in Lightroom to generally reduce the saturation of the image.

More image from the El Cotillo day out can be found here: photos.imb.biz/travel/canary/fuerteventura/elcotillo
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