Leidolf Wetzlar Lordette Camera, Model Prontor-s with a Triplon f/2.8 50mm lens.

Do you remember when cameras looked like this? This was my first camera… well to be strictly accurate it was my Dad's camera and he used to let me use it as a kid. I learned a lot about photography from this camera… like estimating distance – there was no focusing mechanism for it you just guessed how far away your subject was, and set the dial accordingly. No built-in light meter. Dad had one but we didn't use it – we used something known as the "Sunny 16 Rule". And best of all you didn't need a computer to process the images afterwards. You just put the memory ca… I mean film… in the little envelope that Kodak (remember them) gave you put it in the post and two week later you would get your slides back. Oh happy days.

Shame all the photos I took were rubbish!
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