The internet is awash with comments about some photos by Joe Klamar.  You can see one such page here: and a full gallery here:

Ok, before we have a witch hunt… I'd like to know some more info about these images. They are clearly straight out of the camera shots pre editing. The photographer was one of many who were shooting that day on their own set-ups, apparently under extremely difficult conditions. I've done a quick search (not extensive research) about this and the only people who are publishing the images appear to be people who want to criticise them. Have they been published by the US Olympic organisation? I can't find them. Have they been published by the photographer. I can't find them. 

Looks like someone has got hold of some images from the shoot and decided to let them go viral. These might be images pre-edit (granted not sure what editing you could do to save some of them). These MIGHT be the rejects. 

Here's the challenge… can anyone find where these images have been published somewhere other than part of a feature saying how bad the images are? Because if we can't find that then these are prerelease images which in reality may never have seen light of day other than someone leaking them. If that is the case it is unfair to judge them – I don't think any of us would ever wish to be judged on the images we have never made public.

Oh course if they have been released formally by the photographer or the US team then they deserve all the critisim they are getting.

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