One of the questions I get asked every so often by photographers attending events and workshop is along the lines of “what can I do with my photos for the event?”  The question tends to be asked as “Can I use the images on my website?” or “Can I sell prints from the shoot” or “can I enter the images in a competition” or similar

Shona at “Smoky Glamour” night 21 Sep 2012 – the first event covered by the new model event & workshop agreement form.

When I run events or workshops it is always with the expectation that photographers can use the images as examples of their work.  And typically the models I book understand this too.  However after one model recently didn’t like the idea of image of her being on-line, I haven now I implemented a model event agreement form that I  ask models attending events to sign.  I will then keep that on file.

If you want to see that document you can download it from here: [wpdm_file id=42]

Regarding any commercial use – ie selling images taken at events or workshops, you are strongly advised to reach an agreement with the model yourself and get any necessary model releases signed.