I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about the booking system on the website.

Firstly I am aware that there have been on or two minor problems over the last couple of weeks. These have been identified as being caused a known bug in the latest version of the event manager software.  I have reported the issue to developer and it is being investigated.  I have put in place a couple of changes on my website which from the perspective of someone booking should resolve the issue  (although I have an extra step to do at the back end).

If you get any more errors – please let me know (with a screen grab if possible) and I will do my best to get them resolved.  If anything is preventing you from booking again let me know I can manually do the booking for you.

The bookings on the website is the definitive list of what places are left on an event.  In short if you can book for an event on my website – there is a place for you.

I know many people now prefer to pay by PayPal as they book, but I am also aware some still want to pay cash on the night.  I am still happy to accept cash on the night but only if you have been to at least two events at the studio and providing you have never booked for an event and not turned up. Sadly I have had to adopt this policy due to having had a couple of events where people have booked and no-showed leaving me running the event at a loss.

If you have been to previous events and want to pay by cash you should select “Pay Offline / Pay at the event” in the “Pay With” dropdown box at the end of the booking form….

If you haven’t been to two previous events and really don’t want to pay via PayPal please contact me directly and we can sort something out.