Today I did a trial run of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk that I will be leading on Saturday 13th October.  The walk I have planned will take us past St Mary’s church in the market place.  I was disappointed to see that it was having major work done on it at the moment and is thus hidden behind scaffold.  However a walk round the outside of the church led to some interesting images of the gravestones.

This image has had very little post production work done on it – a bit of vignetting and the clarity pushed up in lightroom and that is just about it.  I looks as though it have been toned or coloured – but that is straight from the camera.

The trick to creating images like this is to watch the direction of the sun and the direction of the shadows.  I made sure the sun was in front of me and that meant the shadow on the text was visible from where I was shooting from making the words look clearer.  Had I shot in the opposite direction there would have been very little shadow in the text and it would then have been harder to read.