In this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about what is included in the price when you hire the studio.  The answer is just about everything you need.  I try very hard to avoid hidden extras when the studio is hired out.

This means the price includes the use of the lights, modifiers, radio triggers, light meter, smoke machine, props, backgrounds and normal use of background papers.

You also get me!  If you want me that is.  I have some people who use the studio who simply want to use the equipment and be left to get on with it by themselves.  That’s great I’ll just sit in my office and get on with processing some of my own images. But I also have some people who hire the studio and want me involved with setting up lights and offering advice throughout the shoot.  That’s fine too, I’m always happy to assist in any way you want me to.

What’s not included in the standard hire price?  If you want to do a water based shoot or a messy shoot and I need to put down protective sheeting or set up the shower either in the studio or for your model to clean up then I have to charge a little extra to cover the set-up and clear away.  How much will that be?  Well it depends on the shoot and how much extra work is involved.  I try to keep it down to a minimum.

The only other additional charge that could possibly be made is if there is excessive use of background papers or damage to equipment due to a hirer not taking due care.  To be honest I’ve never yet had to charge for either but I have to reserve the right to.

A listing hire charges can be found here:

A list of studio equipment can be found here: