I am in the process of developing two new training courses for 2013.  These will be the long awaited “Digital Techniques Course” and a course which will be provisionally called “The Complete Studio Course“.  These course are designed to compliment the existing “Introduction to DSLR Photography Course” and “Intermediate Photography Course“.

Both of the new course are designed to be practical in nature but in very different ways.

The “Digital Techniques Course” will be classroom style teaching.  Each session we look at a different digital technique. We will consider any appropriate in-camera techniques followed by the post processing methods.  Along side this we will also look at related Photoshop and Lightroom techniques.  Participants will be encouraged to bring along their own laptops to follow along with the post processing, and editing techniques.

The “Complete Studio Course” will NOT be classroom style teaching, instead each week we will look at a different type of studio based photography and participants will get the chance to set-up lights and shoot that theme.

Both courses will have the usual comprehensive printed notes.

Course durations and fees are yet to be finalised, but I am expecting both course to run for 7 or 8 sessions.  I hoping the price for the Digital Techniques course will be in-line with the existing courses (ie around £150 for the full course).   The Complete Studio Course, because of the need to book models, is likely to be more expensive, probably around £275. But when you consider over the eight weeks of the course you will get 20 hours in the studio, then perhaps it won’t seem so expensive?

At this stage I want to gauge interest in the courses.  If you think you would be interested in either course please let me know.  No obligation, it just gives me some reassurance that it is worth continuing to develop the new training courses.