A few day’s ago the internet ‘lit up’ with postings about Adobe giving away Photoshop CS2 for free.  This was swiftly followed by Adobe stating that they weren’t giving it away for free. Here’s some of the facts behind this and a few thoughts of my own.  I’ll let you make up your own mind….

At the end of 2012 Adobe switched off the authentication servers for the CS2 family of products.  This means that anyone who has bought CS2 can no longer install it using the serial number that came with it.  But people have paid a lot of money for this product and have the right to carry on using it.  In order to enable them to do this Adobe created a special version (and it is the full version) and a special serial number which will enable anyone in possession of both to install and use the software.

They then posted details of both the download links and the corresponding serial number on their website.  It is here…. go take a look…


Since the internet went wild and the story hit just about every photography forum on the net what have Adobe done about this?  They have issued a statement saying the only people who are allowed to use the downloads and the serial numbers they have published are people who already own CS2.

I find it hard to believe that Adobe are so naive that they didn’t consider the possibility that details of that page wouldn’t be plastered all over the internet.  Also if they really considered it a big mistake why not immediately take the page down once the story broke?  And why did they want to take down the authentication servers in the first place?

I think Adobe knew all too well that the links would go public and people would start to download the product and use the serial codes.  Is this just a form a viral advertising by them?

Adobe have said that the only people who can legally use the downloads and links are people with a CS2 licence.  It is often said that illegal software is theft.  Well if someone was steeling from me, I’d make every effort to stop them…  I see no efforts being made by adobe to stop people downloading using this software.  They haven’t even put a message on the download page stating who can and can’t use the software and licence codes.

Is it a free version? It is on Adobe’s own website and there is nothing to prevent you from installing this version on your computer.  I guess ultimately it is down to your own conscience.