POTD 5 Jan 2013 : Sunrise over Stockport – an altered perspective (5/365)

A view over Stockport from Burnage rugby club

I did the Burnage parkrun for the first time this morning. After the run I took the opportunity to photograph the wonderful sunrise.

Of course the sunrise and the sky looked nothing like this. Here's the link to the before image: www.flickr.com/photos/ianbutty/8350575343/in/photostream/

If there is the remotest hint of a sunrise, Lightroom can make it dramatic. Pump up the white balance to the warm side. Increase the contrast and the clarity. Add a coloured (orange) graduate filter over the top half of the sky just to help it a little. And finally another graduate filter to take the exposure down to black on the foreground.

Who says the camera never lies??

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