iansstudio-booking graphicOne of the most frequent questions I get asked either by phone or by email is this: “Are there still spaces available for…. (Insert name of event here)”.

I honestly don’t have any problems with answering that question either on the phone or by email, but I will let you in to a little secret… the booking system on the website is intelligent; it will only let you book if there are spaces available (and the software bug that did allow over booking a few months ago has been fixed).

I am still more than happy to tell over the phone if places are available or not. But if you ever find you can’t sleep at night because you don’t know if there is space for the latest event or not – there is no need to ring me at 3am to ask.  (Not that anyone ever has rung me at that time of day!) – just go to the booking form and the maximum number in the “spaces” dropdown box shows you how many places are still available for that event.

Happy booking!