Saturday 27July – More technical problems

The theme for this trip has been “travelling light”. I wrote three blog entries at the start of the trip… I had intended continuing to write more blog entries as the trip progressed but I hit a number of technical problems with what I wanted to achieve, and as a result rather than spending time just writing about the problems I wanted to try to solve them first.


The first problem was to do with being able to upload images to my Galleries. A blog about travel photography needs images. I use Zenfolio to host my images and had loaded the Zenfolio app on to the iPad. Unfortunately I had a lot of problems using the app to upload images. Firstly I could not find a way to get the app to resize the images prior to upload. I can live with this, but what I also found was that every time I tried to upload via the app it would report a server not responding error… “The server has not responded for xx seconds” and that count of seconds would go up even when the number of bytes being uploaded was STILL Increasing. After a minute or so the whole upload process would stop. Despite many attempts during this trip I only managed to upload one image that way. I have since installed and app called “photosync” which does enables me to send images to lots of places… Including to my Zenfolio account. Not only will this permit me to resize images if I wish but doesn’t appear to suffer from he timeout issues that i saw with the zenfolio app.


Having resolved that problem I hit a more significant one. The inability to load the JPG images off my memory card on to the iPad. I have previously talked about the third party camera connection kit. But the latest problem does appear to be an iffy connector. The iPad no longer sees the card when using a USB card reader. And when using a USB lead to connect and read the images direct from the camera the whole setup has to be held at a strange 45deg angel. Even then iPad no longer recognises duplicates… This is a pain, when trying to scroll through literally hundreds of images on the card to select image at a time all the new images since the last download. The slightest movement of the iPad away from its precarious 45degree angel and i have to start over again. Needless to say this is unworkable and after the first few days shooting I have been unable to copy images to the iPad.

The third technical issue is to do with my tripod… Which left me unable to take vertical images on tripod… But I will talk about that some other time.

I have not given up on the “travelling light” concept, and intend to resolve all these issues and continue to write the occasional blog post on this theme. So please stay tuned to the website.