I recently published a series of images on the theme of iphoneography – images taken with an iphone. At the time I published them I said I would blog and post images to tell the tail about how I was getting on with learning photography on the iphone.

You may have noticed that that series of images suddenly stopped.  This is because I no longer have an iPhone – my new network provider ee was unable to transfer my phone number from BT to their network.  This left me with two options either change my phone number or return the iPhone.   I chose the latter.

The plan is still to get an iPhone but with an announcement due in a week or so from Apple about the next generation iPhone I have now decided to wait until after that announcement before making the move.  As for which network I will be on… I don’t yet know it depends who can actually accept a mobile number starting 07777.  The only thing I do know is it won’t be ee.