Some of you will remember that last year I released a short series of videocasts (you will find them here:  Well I am back in front of the camera again producing some more videos and will be releasing them over the coming weeks.

I will be producing two types of video – free videocasts and full video based training courses.

The free videocasts will be appearing on YouTube and on my website – I have already filmed a further seven video casts on subjects such as timelapse photography, sync speed, photographing products for ebay and even a video on how to photograph a dark helicopter against a bright sky!  Those videos are currently being edited and will be appearing on my YouTube channel ( over the next couple of weeks.

The paid for training courses will be appearing on Udemy – ultimately the aim is to convert all the face-to-face train course that I have been running at the studio in to video format.  I have completed some initial test videos including a promo for my first Udemy course.  One of those test videos is a promo for the course:

I have already recieved some feedback on the promo/test video both from friends and from other Udemy lecturers.  But if you have any comments to make about it I would be interested to hear them.

Once the first training course is live I will be issuing some discount codes to subscribers to my newsletter.