Water droplet collision in a wine glass

This week’s Friday Night at the Studio event was a water based table top night. This is my image of the night. A water droplet collision in a wine glass.

Earlier in the day week I had some problems with the equipment that is used to create the droplet collisions. Eventually tracked down to be a problem with the mains power supply unit. This had reduced the time I needed to find the right settings to get the collisions to happen. As the evening wore on it started to look as though it would never happen. Then finally in the last 20 mins we got the right settings and hey presto repeatable collisions.

We also had the drop tank and a water splash wine glass set-up available. My images from the evening and from the time setting up can be seen here: http://photos.imb.biz/studio/waternight

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Image Reference: FF1213A-G03516