Zara Du Rose

A bit cheeky this Photo of the Day image. Zara was at my studio working for another photographer.

I was setting up lighting. I don’t normally take photos when someone else is hiring the studio and paying for the model, but on this occasion the photographer was brewing up while I did the lights. In the absence of the photographer I tested the lighting as best I could using ‘shirley’ the studio mannequin head, but as Zara’s outfit was latex I really needed to check the lighting with her in place so I could make sure we had the enough reflections to show the shiny latex off to it’s best. Because I am hoping to book Zara for some events at the studio I asked her permission and the photographer’s permission if I could just take a couple of shots while I set the lights this would enable me to confirm the lighting would give the reflections on the latex, and would mean I had some images to promote any events in the future for which I booked Zara.

Three shutter clicks later I had an image of Zara and had confirmed the lighting was spot on for the latex shoot.

You know at times, I hate being accurate with my lighting. If I had got it wrong I could have taken a lot more images of the amazing Zara while I sorted it out! [I am joking BTW]. Hopefully I will be able to book her for an event next year and I will be able to photographer her again.

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Image Reference: FF1217A-G03535