For the next two Friday Night at the Studio events I’m going to try a little experiment.  Rather than having a fixed fee for the evening the events will run on a “Pay what you think it is worth” basis.

This week (4th April) we have StaceyM coming to the studio and the following Friday (11th April) we have KarenR returning to the studio.

I have booked models who are both vary capable of all different types of genres and who work at all levels from clothed to nude.  So whatever type of model photography you enjoy there will be a chance to shoot that style.

Both models are taking a risk with these events (as am I) as they have no idea what they will earn from the evening.  Whatever is collected on the night will be split between the model and myself as the organiser/studio.

If you want to come to either event please book in the normal way through the studio website.  However please bring cash with you on the night.

The only think I would ask is please ONLY book if you are definitely coming.  Out of fairness to everyone Photographers who book and don’t show-up will be billed for the average amount paid by those photographers who do turn-up.

I hope you will find this little experiment both interesting and worth while.  And I look forward to seeing some of you at the events.