Image: Rachel Travers at a Small Group Session at Ian’s Studio.

So what is a “Small Group Session” ?

A “Small Group Session” is a cross between a group shoot, a studio hire, and small group tuition.  It is a day 10am – 4pm spent in the studio working with one model.

In order to give photographers the plenty of time to shoot we limit the number of photographers at the session to just THREE.

What’s the format of the day?

The format of the day is largely determined by those who book.  Prior to the start of the shoot I let the three photographers know the levels to which the model is working and ask them if they have any specific set-ups, genres, styles that they wish to shoot that day.

Based on what the photographers tell me I guide the shoot and offer advice on lighting and working with the model at the event.  If none of the photographers have any specific themes they wish to shoot, I will have a number of suggestions that I know will work with the model to get the shoot going.

What levels are the models working at?

When I was asked by a group of photographers to run these events on a monthly basis, the request was specifically to do with art nude photography.  At present all the models I have booked for small group sessions have been working to nude levels, but in most sessions we have in have also included some other levels such as lingerie, fashion and some glamour.

If there is sufficient demand for it, I will be running some small group sessions in the future which concentrate on clothed styles.

Can the photographers do their own lighting?

Absolutely! If you know what you want to achieve with the lighting and want to do all that yourself, that is fantastic.  I will be on hand to offer advice, if you need it.  I’m also available to move and position lights to where you want them to go.

If you don’t want to do the lighting yourself, and not every photographer is happy playing with other peoples lights.  Then I am there to do that for you.  You can either describe the effect you want or show me images and I will try to create that effect for you.  Alternatively if you just don’t know what lighting would work, I can make suggestions.

Whatever way you work with lighting I will ensure you understand the lighting that we are using, and if I am setting it up I will talk you through the process as build the lighting.

Do you, Ian, shoot at the event?

Unlike a studio hire, I do shoot alongside the photographers at the “Small Group Sessions”.  There are reasons why I do this.  Firstly these sessions are part training, and those who have been to workshops at the studio will know my style of training is very much a “show and tell” style.  I find for me as a trainer it is the most effective way to explain what we are doing.

Secondly I shoot to document the lighting set-ups used during the shoot.  Once the shoot is over I aim to send lighting diagrams and notes to the participants after the event so that you can recreate the lighting used at the shoot.  In order to do that I need some images both of the set up and the final images.  (At the time of writing I’m a little behind on producing those note but I aim to catch up shortly).

One important thing to remember is that you are paying to shoot, not to watch me shoot.  So when I do take images, I do it quickly and let you get back to shooting.

What happens if you don’t get three photographers booking?

I hate cancelling.  I will always try to find a way to make the session happen.

If only two photographers book for a small group session, the first option you will be given is to share share the cost of the third place between you (you will of course get 50% more time shooting with only two photographers).  This is the simplest solution and my preferred option.

The alternative if the model is willing to reduce her fee in return for a shorter shoot, we may be able to run the shoot for just two photographers.  Keep in mind that at a shorter shoot with just two photographers you would get a similar length of time shooting as you would with three photographers at a longer shoot.  This option obviously depends on the model and it may not always be possible to offer this.

If all else fails the shoot will be cancelled and all fees refunded.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the maximum number of photographers for this event being three – we have a strict cancellation policy. If you cancel within 5 days of the event, the full fee for your place is payable..  However if your place is resold to anther photographer after you cancel your fee can either be refunded or transferred to another shoot.

How much?

Price is £100 per photographer

When can I come to one of these sessions?

At the time of writing I have two sessions on the calendar:

Wednesday May 7th with Staceym

Sunday 13 July – with Illy aka Black Beauty