In Camera (Huis Clos/No Exit)

This photo shoot was Hell. No honestly it was was… well it was set in Hell at least. Stockport Garrick’s latest show is Jean Paul Satre’s “In Camera”, which has nothing to do with photography by the way; the phrase means comes from a legal term meaning “In the judges chambers” or “in private”.

I will be honest with you I really wasn’t looking forward to an exestenstial play written by a French philosopher. However the acting and the concept and the staging are superb. If you pardon the pun, it left me thinking why the hell had I not auditioned for this play.

The full set of images from the play can be found here: (Contains spoilers)

More details and to book to see the production please go to the Garrick website: – the play runs 4-7 June 2014.

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