Just wanted to write a short post to talk about the importance of creating variants when shooting stock images.  The most obvious example of this is shooting both vertical and horizontal images.  Take the following images of a series of shop to let signs.

Both of these images have sold.  This means that in some cases the photo editor required a horizonal image and in others they needed a vertical image.  Had I only shot one version of the image there is a chance that I would have lost 50% of those sales.  Yes, there is a chance that orientation didn’t matter or that the photo editor had the option to change the layout to accomodate either orientation.  But it is more likely that an editor looking for an image will give preference to one that is the correct orientation for the space he has in mind.

Someone one said – if your only photo of a subject is vertical, then it will never be a double-page spread.  Similarly if the only image you have of an image is horizontal, then it is highly unlikely to be full page front cover image.

Even if you are not submitting image for stock – it is a good practice to try to shoot a mix or orientations when out and about with your camera.  You never know how you might want to use a particular image in the future.  Additionally forcing yourself to shoot both orientations makes you think a little more about composition.