An Amazon Indian man dressed as a tribal warrior in Boca da Valeria, Brazil

(Image Reference: 20180123A-G01173)

23 January 2018 – The cruise ship MV Magellan called at the Amazonian village of Boca da Valeria.

This stop in many ways divided the passengers. Some saw it a colourful stop and a chance to meet some of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Other disliked being followed by children asking for money and wanting to take you to see something… usually a stall run by a family member. Some enjoyed the chance to see the sloths and tucan up close. Others wondered about the welfare of the animals

Some people saw the village as not being real and just a creation for the benefit of the tourists. Others took small boats run by the Amazonian Indians up the tributary to visit the towns where many of the people in Boca da Valeria actually lived.

Whatever your view of the place, it was certainly a place full of photographic opportunities. That included people like the tribesman shown here, animals, plants and if you looked in all the right places the real Amazon people. (See the photo of the couple below).

Amazon villagers looking out of a window in Boca da Valeria, Brazil

Settings: 1/400s, f/5, ISO 320. Lens: EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM @140 mm.

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