GPS Watch (Image Reference: 20190307A-G4979)

This POTD image is more of a tip than being a photo of interest. When you need to synchronise the time of all your photos to an external GPS device (in my case my Garmin watch).

Take a photograph of the watch, then in Lightroom select the image of the watch and all the other images you need to sync the time on. Ensure that the watch image is the ‘most selected’ image. In the Library Module select “Metadata | Edit capture time”

On the pop-up menu ensure that the option to “set time to a specific time” is selected and enter the time shown on the watch. The time on the watch image will be adjusted and all the other images will be adjusted by the same amount – thus synchronising them to the GPS watch time.

Settings: 1/40s, f/4, ISO 800. Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @105 mm.

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