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    Hi Garry,
    I’m so sorry this one has taken so long to get to provide feedback – I had to join the Canon Facebook group first before I could see the image! That took a couple of days to get approved and then I just forgot to copy the image over to my website and provide feedback.

    I am so glad I got to it today though – this is probably the best image I have seen from you! Very, very, well done. I love the colour toning on this – it the slightly muted colours works really well. You’ve ticked the boxes in terms of composition – rule of thirds and repetition. The reflections of the building in the background work really well and the panorama crop is perfect for this image. As I was there that day, I know that there wasn’t much detail in the sky, so your decision to crop it out, was the right one.

    If I had a nit-pick with the image (and it really is a nit-pick) I would perhaps have like to have seen just a fraction more of the mountains – but I don’t know how much more you could include while still keeping the white sky out of shot. So that really is a nit-pick.

    Thank you for sharing the image! You can be justifiably proud of this shot.