Friday, 24 June 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Ian's Studio, Woodbank Works, Turncroft Lane, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 4AR



Tonight is all about turning an idea in to art. I have two concepts, neither of which I have shot before.  The purpose of tonight is show how we take an idea, work with a model, design the lighting and end up creating some artistic photographs that we can be proud of.

The two ideas/concepts for the evening are as follows

  • Cover  a nude model with powder paint to create a speckled pattern.  After photographing this we will add drops of water to convert the powder paint into runs of colour over the body of the model.
  • Cover or partially cover the model in clay, to create an earthy creature look.  Hopefully the clay will begin to dry and become cracked on the model’s skin to give opportunities for some interesting body part and bodyscape images.

We will be working with Rhianna Grey, an experienced art nude model who will be able to provide poses which will work with our two concepts.

Rhianna has modeled for events at the studio on many occasions and always delivers fantastic poses.  You can see some examples of her work at the studio here:  http://photos.imb.biz/model/shoot/sgs-rhiannag and here: http://photos.imb.biz/model/shoot/rhianna-messy.

You can find her profile on Purpleport here: http://purpleport.com/portfolio/rhiannagrey/?referrer=ianbutty  (Please note all links contain nudity).

Price: £29