Model/Studio Days

“Let’s make some money”

I am often looking for suitable models for model/studio days.  This page will give you the details you need to know.

What form do Model/Studio Days take?

I run these days in two different formats:


Photographers may book the model and studio together on an hourly rate, which is significantly cheaper than booking the two independently.  Additionally we normally put a 15 minute break between the one hour bookings – which means if a photographer books two or more consecutive hours they get to shoot with the model during those 15 minutes effectively for free!

Shared Shoot/mini-group shoot

A shared shoot is is very similar to a group shoot, except that we try to keep the number of photographers down.  A typical shared group might be four photographers for four hours.

Let’s Talk Money?

I offer two deals to models for studio days.  The first is you book the studio at my normal hire rate ie £110 for the day (upto 8hrs) or £65 for half a day (upto 4hrs), (if you need more than 8hrs then there would be an additional charge).  You charge what you like and you keep whatever income you get.  The second has no hire fee but any income from the photographers who book is split 50/50 between us.

If you are confident that you can fill a day with bookings then the first option will give you more income, but there is a risk that you may not get enough photographers to make the level of profit you are looking for and in theory you could even make a loss on the day.   The second option (50/50) means that you are guaranteed some income for every photographer who books – and it is impossible to make a loss.  But if every hour was booked you wouldn’t make as much as you would with the first option.

For both options I would publicise the day for you, on-line and through my email list.  Though to be honest with you, and because I’m only human, I’m likely to put a lot more effort into the publicity for the second option because I get more money for every photographer who books.  For the first option (to put it bluntly) it doesn’t matter to me financially whether there is one or ten photographers as I still get £100.

Tell me more about the shared shoot/mini-group shoot

The set-up is typically four photographers for four hours.  We could run two four hour sessions in a day (with a break in between).  These sessions can be run on a 50/50 split basis or you can hire the studio at my normal rates (please note that if you want to run the two 4hr sessions in a day, you will need a break of an hour in between the sessions – this means the hire will be for 9hrs which will be £110).

Can any model have a studio day? If so sign me up!!

Any model can hire the studio and run a studio day.  If you are hiring the studio I reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure the booking.

I only offer the 50/50 split option to models I am confident will draw sufficient photographers to make a profit for both us.  If I don’t offer that option to you, please prove me wrong by hiring the studio yourself – remember you will be make more money that way but the risk is yours.

Still interested?

Then contact me and let’s make some money!