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COVID-19 Notes & Policies (UPDATED 8 April 2021)

It’s a constantly evolving set of notes but if you want to see our COVID-19 Notes and Policies you can download a copy of the document here:


Updated 8 April 2021

  • New section on road map to reopening added
  • List of what types of events will be permitted when
  • Minor changes to policies to reflect current government guidelines

Updated 14 October 2020

  • New section detailing the restrictions on what the studio can be used for and who may come to the studio (COVID Tier 2/3 related restrictions)
  • Track and trace policies updated to include use of NHS App and QR Code

Updated 23 Sep 2020

  • Add in notes on temperature checks, tracks and trace, finish times for events/hire.
  • New section added with guidelines for MUAs

BLOG 14 July 2021 – YourPortfolio – New Portfolio Hosting Site

Where do you publish your photos online?  On your website? Twitter? Instagram? Flickr?

Well, there is another player in the game – and this one looks interesting: “YourPortfolio“.  If the style and layout looks familiar it is from the team that created “modelfolio” (the model/photographer site formally called Mad Cow Models) and “AdultFolio” (which caters for those shooting glamour, nude and adult level images).

The reason I think “YourPortfolio” is interesting is that it combines some of the best features of model/photographer websites in a site that is for general photography.  This means you can showcase your images get feedback enter competitions and join in a discussion forum.  Unlike some platforms like Instagram the uploading of nude images is permitted (providing they are appropriately tagged).  The site also has limited options for selling collections of images to prospective buyers.

It is early days and it is a little quiet at the moment, but why not pop over and take a look.  Here’s my profile for example:  https://yourportfol.io/ianbutty?referid=69195 – It doesn’t cost anything to join.  There are paid options if want to upload more than 100 images.

(Please note, I have no affiliation with any of these sites, and I have not received any payment or reward in return for this review – I’ve written it simply because I think it might be of interest to those who follow my blogs).




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