Hire Prices

“Competitive prices and a friendly service”

Ian’s Studio is available for hire.  We have two hire schemes (regular and flexible) and also offer a mentoring service during your shoot.

Regular Hire Rates

Choose your start time and the number of hours you wish to hire the studio for.  The price structure for regular hire is as follows:

Number of Hours Total Price (Price Per Hour)
1 £40.00 £40.00
2 £60.00 £30.00
3 £75.00 £25.00
4 £85.00 £21.25
5 £100.00 £20.00
6 £110.00 £18.33
7 £120.00 £17.14
8 £130.00 £16.25

Please note our cancellation policy for regular hires:
Cancellation within 1 week – 25% cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation within 48hrs – 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation within 24hrs the full fee will be charged.

1. If the studio is rebooked for the same or a longer period of time, the cancellation fees may (at the studio owner’s discretion) be waived providing the date of the new booking is within 30 days.
2. If the cancellation is due to a model “no show” and the model was booked by the studio the full booking fee will be refunded.

Flexible Hire Rates / Pre-payment credits

Two of the things that hirers have been asking for are more flexibility in their hires and a reduced rate for those who hire the studio regularly.  Our pre-payment credits system aims to provide both.  Not only that but pre-payment credits can also be used for mentoring, one-to-one training and even most events and workshops.

Under this scheme, you will purchase a number of credits in advance.  1 credit is the equivalent to a £10.00 spend at the studio.

Price Number of credits Price per credit Saving Equivalent purchasing power
£100.00 11 £9.09 9.09% £110.00
£200.00 24 £8.33 16.67% £240.00
£300.00 37 £8.11 18.92% £370.00
£400.00 50 £8.00 20.00% £500.00
£500.00 63 £7.94 20.63% £630.00
£600.00 77 £7.79 22.08% £770.00
£700.00 92 £7.61 23.91% £920.00
£800.00 107 £7.48 25.23% £1,070.00
£900.00 122 £7.38 26.23% £1,220.00
£1,000.00 142 £7.04 29.58% £1,420.00

You can 

When you book the studio you let me know the time you wish to start the hire and the time you expect to finish.  (As you would normally do) but if you are using ‘pre-payment credits’ that can be to the nearest quarter of an hour (instead of by the hour).

If the shoot takes more or less time than you anticipated we deduct your total number of credits based on the actual time you use the studio (to the nearest quarter of an hour)

Here are the prices in ‘credits’

Hrs Hire Credits
1.00 4.0
1.25 4.5
1.50 5.0
1.75 5.5
2.00 6.0
2.25 6.5
2.50 7.0
2.75 7.3
3.00 7.5
3.25 7.7
3.50 8.0
3.75 8.3
4.00 8.5
4.25 9.0
4.50 9.3
4.75 9.7
5.00 10.0
5.25 10.3
5.50 10.5
5.75 10.7
6.00 11.0
6.25 11.3
6.50 11.5
6.75 11.7
7.00 12.0
7.25 12.3
7.50 12.5
7.75 12.7
8.00 13.0

The flexible scheme also protects you against a model or client doing a ‘no show’ – if a model you have booked doesn’t turn up, you only be charged 2 credits, rather than the full time you hired the studio for.

A few terms and conditions

  • Pre-payment credits must be paid for in advance of the hire.  My preferred method of payment is BACS please contact me for bank details, but you can purchase them online via the store on our sister site “Making Photos”
  • Pre-payment credits must be used within 1 year of the purchase date.  If you buy additional hours to ‘top up’ your account then the oldest hours will be used first.
  • All hires are subject to a minimum of 1hr.
  • Any cancellation with less than 24hrs notice (including those caused by model no shows) will result in 2 credits being deducted from your total.
  • Extending shoots beyond the expected finish time is always subject to studio and my availability at the time, and while we will do our best to accommodate over-runs we cannot guarantee it.
  • In the event that you do not have credits in your account for the studio hire.  The difference will be charged at £10 per additional credit.
  • At the end of each hire session, we will inform you of the number of credits being deducted from your account and let you know the number of credits remaining.

Please note our cancellation policy for flexible hires

Cancellation within 24hrs – 2 credits will be deducted from your purchased credits. (Exception:  If the cancellation is due to a model “no show” and the model was booked by the studio the full booking fee will be refunded.)

Mentored Studio Hire

For a normal studio hire, I (or a suitably experienced person if I am unavailable) will be on hand to help set up backgrounds and lights.  While we always try to answer questions and make your hire run as smoothly as possible we are not there to provide training during your hire.  We set the lights, make sure everything is working as expected and then retire to the office to let you and your subject get on with your shoot.

In contrast, For a mentored studio hire, however, I will sit in the studio throughout your shoot.  I will be providing advice throughout your shoot on how you can get the best out of the lighting and model you have chosen to work with.  This may include topics such as shooting style, your choice of angles, how you provide direction to the model.  If there are additional poses or props that might enhance your subject I will suggest them too.

If you know in advance what type of lighting you wish to use might be able to provide lighting diagrams and notes documenting a number of possible lighting set-ups.

For a mentored studio hire, I strongly recommend working with an experienced model, rather than using a friend or family member as your subject.  A mentored session is all about helping you improve as a photographer.  We need to focus our attention on you and not lose time explaining how to pose to your family member or friend.  I can help identify and book a suitable model for your shoot.

Hrs Normal Hire Mentored Hire Pre-payment Credits
1 £40.00 £80.00 8.0
2 £60.00 £110.00 11.0
3 £75.00 £130.00 13.0
4 £85.00 £140.00 14.0
5 £100.00 £160.00 16.0
6 £110.00 £175.00 17.5
7 £120.00 £185.00 18.5
8 £130.00 £200.00 20.0

More information about our full mentorship programme can be found on our “sister site” – Making Photos – https://making-photos.co.uk/mentorship-programme/

Additional charges

I try very hard not to spring any additional charges on photographers hiring the studio. The exceptions to this however are of course breakages and excessive use of background paper.  Please be assured that normal usage is covered in the hire cost.  Since opening the studio in 2011 I have only once had to make an additional charge for excessive use of background paper!  (Charged at £5 or .5 credits per metre).

Wet and Messy Shoots

The studio can accommodate messy shoots and wet shoots (we have a temporary shower set-up and plenty of protective sheeting).  But depending on the type of shoot you are doing I may have to charge a little extra to cover the cost of the extra work involved in set-up and clearing after such shoot. Please let me know what type of wet or messy shoot you are looking to do and I will let you know if there will be an additional charge involved and if so how much.