Studio Equipment

The following equipment is available for use when you hire the studio.  There is no additional charge for using the equipment listed below:

StudioMain studio lighting:
4 x Bowens Gemini 500R heads

Additional studio lights:
2 x Portaflash heads
2 x Portaflash ‘background lights’ (no control)
2 x 500W hot lights (suitable for video work)

Lighting modifiers for Bowens lights:
2 x Barn doors each with coloured gels, diffuser and honeycomb grid
1 x 100x100cm softbox
2 x 80x60cm softbox
1 x Striplight softbox 60x140cm with grid
1 x 70cm Beauty dish with grid
1 x Snoot with grid
3 x Brollies

Modifiers for the portaflash lights:
2 x Portaflash Barn doors
1 x Portaflash softbox/defuser (small)

Also avialable:
1 x remote control for Bowens 500R lights
1 x Sekonic Light meter
8 x Yongnuo CTR-301P flash triggers
7 x Yonguno CTR-301P flash receivers
4 x Yonguno 603P (Canon Only) triggers
1 x Boom lighting stand
1 x Portaflash free standing reflector
1 x Hand-held collapsible reflector/defuser
1 x Smoke machine

Various clamps, brackets, spigots etc
Multiple lighting stands

Sets and Props:
We can create the following room sets:
– Bedroom
– Vintage Boudoir
– Lounge
– Office
We have too many small props to mention.  Just ask.

Equipment for Messy or Water-based shoot:
– Plenty of protective sheeting
– The ability to set-up a warm water shower in the studio for models to clean up (more info)
– Various jugs, buckets, sprays are available