Shower Facilities

“Unusual but effective!”

If you are doing a messy shoot or any other kind of shoot that requires the model to shower off after the shoot you need to be aware that our shower facilities are rather unusual – unusual but they are very effective.

The studio does not have a proper shower cubical.  We do have thermostatically controlled warm water supply – attached to this is a hose with a shower head on the end of it.

At the end of a messy shoot, we quickly clear the mess from the shoot away from the shooting area and bring in a large paddling pool.  Models involved in the shoot can then easily shower off in the pool.  Once the model(s) have showered off the pool is emptied and removed.

We do have towels at the studio, but some of them are a bit old – if you want something big and fluffy to dry you – you might want to bring your own.  Similarly, we do have soap and shampoo at the studio, but you might prefer to use your own brand.

Note to Models: The paddling pool/shower set-up is in the main studio area and not within the dressing room.  If you want photographers to leave the studio while showering please ask them to do so.

Note to Photographers:  It is possible to photograph models cleaning up in the shower, but this should only be done with the model’s permission.