Travel PhotoDVDs

“Slideshow and images”

You can purchase a DVD containing the images that Ian created on his travels.  Maybe you were on the same trip, or maybe you are just a fan of his photography.  You can purchase the PhotoDVDs via this page.

Your Photo DVD

PhotoDVD’s are dual format discs.

DVD Video

The disc will play in domestic DVD players and will enable you to view an animated slideshow of images on your television.  The video slideshow is in widescreen (16:9) format.

Computer DVD

Put the disc into your home computer and you will have access to high-resolution JPG copies of the photographs.  The high-resolution images can be found in the folder \HI-RES PHOTOS

Also on the disc is a folder called \WEB IMAGES – this folder contains copies of the images which are suitable for use on personal websites.  You may use up to 10 images on your website, but you must comply with the restrictions on web use listed below.

HD Video

The disc also contains a folder called HD Video.  In here you will find a digital HD version of the animated slideshow which you can play on your computer.  If your TV supports playing video from a memory stick, copy the .MP4 file to a memory stick and you can view the slideshow in HD on your television.

Restrictions on Web Use

Limited use of these images online is permitted.  You may post up to 10 images from this DVD to a personal website/blog/myspace page/facebook page or similar.

If you do wish to use these images online, the following restrictions apply:

  1. The images must be the copies from the “Web Images” folder and NOT the hi-resolution copies.
  2. The copyright watermark must NOT be removed or edited from the web image.
  3. A clickable link to must be provided somewhere on the page containing the images.

Images from the disc are for personal, non-commercial use only.  No images, or video may not be used for any form of commercial use without prior permission.

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