Event FAQs

“Can I just ask you….”

We sometimes get questions about our events.  Here are some of the frequently asked ones – and the answers to go with them.  If you still have a question after reading these, then, please contact me and I will try to help you.

Sony/Minolta camera have a non-standard hot-shoe, this means they cannot take the standard triggers we have in the studio.  You will need a special adaptor to modify the Sony/Minolta hot-shoe to the standard that is used by all other camera manufacturers.  I don’t have many Sony/Minolta users coming to the studio so it is an item I don’t keep in stock.  However, they are not expensive and it would be worth your while investing in one.  Search for “Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe Adaptor” in Google – they are easy to come by, and not too expensive.

That depends on the type of event. If we are shooting anything that is ‘table-top’ or using any sort of long exposure, such as light stencils. Then yes, you will need your tripod.

However, for any event where we are shooting a model under studio lights, then no, please leave your tripod at home. At a groups shoot with models a tripod would just get in the way and slow you and everyone else down. You certainly don’t need it, in terms of avoiding camera shake, the flash duration is so fast that it freezes everything but the fasted of actions.

Yes, absolutely! Shooting in the studio is easy. For our “Friday Night at the Studio” events, we will set-up the lights and explain the lighting as we do. We will also tell you what settings you need on your camera.

If the event is an “Academy Event” the event description will tell you who it is suitable for and if you need any prior experience. Almost all the practical studio based Academy Events can be done in any order so you don’t need experience. If you are in any doubt please ask.

I used to accept cash at the event from any photographer who booked. Unfortunately, one or two photographers abused this, booked and then never turned up for the event. This not only leaves me out of pocket but on one occasion, I had turned away a photographer because I was fully booked. So not only did I lose out financially, but a photographer who wanted to come to an event was denied a place.

Once you have been to at least two events and I know that you are reliable and only book when you are going to come, then I am happy to accept cash at the event.

But please be aware if you select ‘pay at event’ and then no-show, from that point on, you will be on my ‘blacklist’ and all future bookings will have to be paid for in advance.

More event related FAQs will be added later.  If you didn’t find your answer here, then you might want to try the studio FAQ. If that does not give you the information you are looking for, then please contact me, and I will try to help you.

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