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  • POTD 1 Feb 2010: Music Head 1 February 2010

    White polystyrene head wearing headphones

    Not really that happy with this image.  It was one of those late night ideas – photograph the headphones dummy. I wanted to get some dramatic shadows with the image but when I got those you couldn’t see the headphones properly and so it didn’t look right. This was about the best compromise.

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  • POTD 2 Feb 2010: Amaryllis 2 February 2010


    Visited my parents today and they asked me to photograph this amaryllis flower of theirs.  The black background is actually a TV screen (switched off).  Illumination from an off camera flash pointed as the ceiling to give a soft light.  The glow top right is a reflection of the flash in the TV screen.   I didn’t like it at first but now I think it adds something to the shot.

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  • POTD 3 Feb 2010: Oh no! Not again! 3 February 2010

    Car, street, snow and houses at night

    It snowed – AGAIN! Gave me a chance to try one of my favourite techniques. Put the camera on tripod and take a long exposure of a scene illuminated by orange sodium street lights.  Then in lightroom colour correct for the orange light.  Gives a great look to a night time scene. This is especially true when there is snow in the scene.

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  • POTD Wed, 3 Feb 2010: Snow 3 February 2010

    Car, street, snow and houses at night

    It snowed – AGAIN! This gave me a chance to try one of my favourite techniques. Put the camera on tripod and take a long exposure of a scene illuminated by orange sodium street lights.

    In lightroom colour correct for the orange light. Use the eye-dropper tool and click on any area of white or grey in the image. This gives a great look to a night time scene. This is especially true when there is snow in the scene.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a source of free photographs.
    This photograph is (c) Ian M Butterfield. All rights are reserved. No use Is permitted (including non-commercial use) without prior permission. If you wish to use any of my photographs please ask first.

    Image Reference: FC0203A-E01347

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  • POTD 4 Feb 2010: C3 Photography Exhibition 4 February 2010

    C3 Photography Exhibtion

    This is the “Expressions of Love” area of the C3 Photography exhibition. Each of the 11 photographers had to provide one image on the theme of “Love” (Mine’s bottom left). I decided to have this as my POTD/365 image today because it is the heart (pun intended) of the exhibition. It is also the most arty shot from the day. Oh yeah… and it’s got my photo in it too!

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  • POTD 5 Feb 2010: Beni – Ready to go 5 February 2010

    Beni, a tedy bear, dressed as a pirate sitting on a large case

    I am going to be taking a break from my POTD/365 photos for a few days.  But rather than leave you with nothing to look at I will leave the POTD/365 images in the capable hands of Beni, the travelling teddy durring that time.  (I think I am regretting that decision all ready)

    Beni writes: “Hi, I’m Beni, I am a seasoned traveller and I’m hi-jacking this POTD/365 series of images for a while (don’t believe a word about Ian handing it over).  Well my bags are packed and I’m off on a little cruise – thus the pirate outfit.  So stay tunes and I’ll show you all the interesting places I’m going to visit over the next few days.”

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  • POTD 6 Feb 2010: Beni – the pilot 6 February 2010

    Beni, a tedy bear, dressed as a pilot at Manchester Airport

    “Hi this is Beni here.  Off on my travels today, bit of a problem at the airport though.  It appears that the pilot’s ID isn’t valid and our flight is delay while this is sorted out.  As you can see I’m a fully trained pilot and offered to do the job myself but they said my feet would reach the peddals.  Flippin’ cheek!  Oh, and before you ask, that problem with the original pilots ID… nothing to do we me… honest!”

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  • POTD 7 Feb 2010: Beni – On La Palma 7 February 2010

    On La Palma

    “Beni here.  I’ve arrived at my first destination.  The island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.  After enjoying the view over Santa Cruz, it was off up into the mountains and the national park in the Caldera. Big hills and lots of trees.  All very pretty but not really my scene.  I mean…. what’s a bear supposed to do in the woods…?  (That’s a rhetorical question no need for you to answer it!)”

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  • POTD 8 Feb 2010: Beni – The toboggenist! 8 February 2010

    Beni, teddy bear, dressed as a traditional Madeiran tabogan operator

    “Hi, this is Beni the travelling bear, in case you haven’t realised yet I’ve hi-jacked Ian’s POTD/365 photo stream.  It my second stop on my tour of the canary Islands today.  Well to be accurate it’s Madeira.  Had fun in funchal then took the cable car to Monte and then signed up to work the toboggans. Got the uniform and everything.  Only one problem… where’s the break?  Erm… guys… what do you mean *I* am the break…. ooops!”

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  • POTD 9 Feb 2010: Beni – at Sea 9 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear, sunbathing at the ship pool

    Beni here…. I’m still doing Ian’s POTD/365 photo challenge for him.  And what better subject for photographs is there than me!?  I spent today all at sea, the boat didn’t dock at all today.  So it was a good chance to top up my tan by the ship’s pool.  It’s hard work looking a good as I do!

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  • POTD 10 Feb 2010: Beni – In Morocco 10 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear, at a traditional berber tent

    “Morocco today and down to the ancient city of Taroudant.  I wanted to go down to Marakesh but apparently there is a problem with the road to Marakesh… you can say that again… it stars Bing Crosby and Bob Hope!  Anyhow I had mint tea at Berber tent before a photo stop by one of the old gates of the city. – This is Beni, the travelling bear, reporting from Morocco, North Africa.   

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  • POTD 11 Feb 2010: Planet of Fire 11 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear, with a camera on Lanzarote

    Beni says… “Today it was off to the planet of fire, Lanzarote.  Took my camera with me to get some shots of the amazing volcanic landscape.  Gave my servant a few lessons in photography too.  First rule: make sure the bear is in focus.  Background and landscape doesn’t matter.  From this shot you can see he has learned the lesson well.”

    Internet connection for the second half of the trip was very poor and images couldn’t be uploaded.  Keep tuned as the photos all exist and will be uploaded over the next few days.

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  • POTD 12 Feb 2010: Beni on Tenerife 12 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear, outside the auditorium

    Beni the travelling bear… “Another day, another island – Tenerife.  Strange mix of Archetecture here in Santa Cruz.  Strangest of all is this auditorium in the shape of a giant bottle opener.  I was very disappointed… waited ages for the giant bottle of beer to go with it!”

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  • POTD 13 Feb 2010: Beni at the hotel 13 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear, in a luxury hotel

    Beni writes: “My week crusing round the canary islands has come to an end.  Time to leave and check into my luxury hotel on Gran Canarea for the coming week.  Spent the rest of the day just chillin’,  This place has everything a bear could want.”

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  • POTD 14 Feb 2010: Hard Rock Beni 14 February 2010

    Beni, a teddy bear outside the Hard Rock Cafe

    More from the journal of Beni, the travelling bear: “It’s valentine’s day so I Dressed in my best James Dean outfit and popped down the the Hard Rock Cafe at Playa del Ingles, to check out the local talent.  No luck.  Has no one got any love of for a small bear with a big personality!”

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  • POTD 15 Feb 2010: Beni and the Jeep 15 February 2010

    Beni a teddy bear on jeep

    “In case you haven’t been paying attention.  This is Beni the travelling bear writting.  I have hi-jacked Ian’s POTD/365 photo challenge.  I’m currently exploring Gran Canaria and today I took a jeep safari up into the mountains.  Great fun.  Saw some amazing waterfalls. The safari team offered me a job but I thought they meant driving one of the jeeps… cuddly bear attached to radiator grill was NOT what I had in mind!”

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