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  • POTD 4 May 2005: Waddesdon Manor 4 May 2005

    Fountains and main driveway to Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

    We travelled south day.  Our final destination will be Hastings to see a performance of “The Last Bombshell” – a one act play that I wrote a few years ago.  Tonight we are stopping just outside Oxford and visiting Waddesdon Manor.


    Waddesdon Manor is a National Trust property which means although I can take photos (like any other tourist) I’m not permitted to sell them. Personal use is permitted… and you don’t get much more personal that a photo diary.


    So enjoy today’s picture of the day, as you are not likely to see it anywhere else.

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  • POTD 5 May 2005: Attack of the killer dustbins! 5 May 2005

    A Dalek Dustbin

    We’ve move a little further south today and we are spending the day in Brighton.  As well as photographing the pavillion and Brighton beach, we took a stroll along the pier.


    It came as a surprise to me to find workmen constructing a Doctor Who exhibition.  Pity it’s not open, I’d have liked to have seen it.


    What we did see however was the bottom half of a Dalek being used as a dustbin.  Something ironic about that… given that Daleks have often been refered to as killer dustbins!

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  • POTD 6 May 2005: Big Guns 6 May 2005

    A Howitzer Gun (5.5 inch Medium Gun) at Newhaven Fort, Sussex

    From Brighton to Hastings today.  Calling in a Newhaven Fort.  A chance to see some WWII guns and learn the facinating history of this south coast fort.

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