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  • POTD 1 May 2009: Vernon Park (1) 1 May 2009

    Flowers at Vernon Park

    Met up with fellow photographer Matt today and did some photography round Stockport’s Vernon Park.  The weather was ok as we arrived at the park (as you can see from this image) but it didn’t take long for the weather to deteriorate.

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  • POTD 2 May 2009: Vernon Park (2) 2 May 2009

    Cannon and Pear Mill

    Vernon park has a couple of cannons.  This is a cast-iron Blomedfield 24 pounder and it replaced the original cannons captured at the battle of Sebastopol suring the Crimean War.  The original cannons were taken away as scrap durring the war.

    Amazing the things you learn when you have to caption your photos! ;-)

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  • POTD 3 May 2009: Vernon Park (3) 3 May 2009

    Cherry Blossom in Vernon Park

    Cherry blossom in the park.  Not much else to say about this photo.

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  • POTD 4 May 2009: Vernon Park (4) 4 May 2009

    Steps in Vernon Park, Stockport

    I mentioned at the start of this sequence that the weather took a turn for the worse while I was photographing Vernon Park.  As evidence for this you can see I’m now shooting in black and white.

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  • POTD 5 May 2009: Band Shoot (1) 5 May 2009

    Had a shoot tonight for the band “Mike Tongue and the Grooves”  some promo shots and some rehearsal shots.  This is one of the rehearsal shots that I quite liked the look of.

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  • POTD 6 May 2009: Mike Tongue and the Grooves 6 May 2009

    One of the promo shots from last night’s band shoot.  I’ve used a “lomography” preset to give the image a more urban look.

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  • POTD 7 May 2009: Bad Hair Day 7 May 2009

    Bad Hair Day!

    Had a shoot with a model today.  This is one of my favourite shots from the day’s shoot.

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  • POTD 8 May 2009: Rainy Day 8 May 2009

    Rainy Day

    Another photo from my model shoot yesterday.  This needs a little more work on it to add some layers to the rain effect.  The image is created by shooting the (wet) model against a black background and then digitally adding the rain effect.

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  • POTD 9 May 2009: Macclesfield Forest (1) 9 May 2009

    Macclesfield Forest HDR

    C3 Photography Group went off to photograph Macclesfield Forest today.  The weather wasn’t brilliant for photography. So I resorted to HDR for this shot.  The image is ok at this resolution but the movement of the leaves has left a nasty halo effect when viewed at 100%,  Shame.

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  • POTD Sat 9 May 2009 : In Nature’s Embrace 9 May 2009

    Curly ferns

    C3 Photography Group went off to photograph Macclesfield Forest today. The weather wasn’t brilliant for photography. So I resorted to techniques like HDR and detail shots like this image of two firns. Which I call “In nature’s embrace”.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a source of free photographs.
    This photograph is (c) Ian M Butterfield. All rights are reserved. No use Is permitted (including non-commercial use) without prior permission. If you wish to use any of my photographs please ask first.

    Image Reference: FB0509A-E02677

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  • POTD 10 May 2009: Macclesfield Forest (2) 10 May 2009

    Bluebells. Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

    One of the features of the Macclesfield forest trip on Saturday was the bluebells.  My attempts at close-ups was a bit hit and miss.  This proved to be one of the better attempts.

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  • POTD 11 May 2009: Macclesfield Forest (3) 11 May 2009

    One lone bluebell. Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

    The lonely bluebell.  I’m really pleased that this shot worked.  Narrow depth of field to focus attention on a single bluebell standing proud all by itself.  I think this will make a great stock image, especially to illustrate concepts such as solitude and loneliness.

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  • POTD 12 May 2009: Macclesfield Forest (4) 12 May 2009

    Stream and bridge. Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

    The light wasn’t brilliant in Macclesfield Forest, so I thought this image would work much better in black and white. 

    You can see more of my Macclesfield Forest images on flickr at….

    And if I’m not much mistake I’m finally… at long last… back upto date with my POTD.  Now all I have to do is keep it that way!

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  • POTD 13 May 2009: Natalie-Jade 13 May 2009

    Attractive young model with pink make-up round her eyes wearing a scarf.

    I’ve been working on some of the photos from last weeks model shoot with Natalie-Jade.  The eye make up was something that Natalie wanted to do,  I wanted to a shot of her face wrapped in a scarf so just the eyes were showing.  The two ideas came together with this shot.

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  • POTD 14 May 2009: Natalie-Jade (2) 14 May 2009

    Rainy Day

    Continuing to work on images from last week’s model shoot today.  I’ve been refining my digital rain techniques.

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  • POTD 15 May 2009: Natalie-Jade (3) 15 May 2009

    Bad Hair Day!

    This is the last of the image set-ups that I did with model Natalie-Jade last week.  It has (I hope) lots of stock potential… hair dressing, bad hair day, etc

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  • POTD 16 May 2009: Tunisian Cloth 16 May 2009

    Colourful cloths hanging in the souk, Sousse, Tunisia. Sousse, Tunisia.

    Something a little different for today’s POTD – back to the Tunisian photos for this abstract image of cloths hanging in a Tunisian souk.  Something very simple about this image that appears to work.

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  • POTD 17 May 2009: Tunisian Camel 17 May 2009

    A stone statue of a camel. Outside the Soula Centre, Sousse, Tunisia. Sousse, Tunisia.

    In the middle of Sousse there is a shop that has a large stone statue of a camel outside it.  The only problem with it is that no matter what angle you try  photograph it from the sadle behind it always looks like a large rabbit ear at the back of the camel’s head!

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  • POTD 18 May 2009: Lamp post 18 May 2009

    An ornimental lamp post in Place de la Victoire, Tunis, Tunisia. Tunis, Tunisia.

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  • POTD 19 May 2009: Stone Flower 19 May 2009

    A stone carving of a flower at the Antonine Baths, Carthage, Tunisia. Carthage, Tunisia.

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  • POTD 20 May 2009: Remains of Carthage 20 May 2009

    Remains of stone carvings lying among yellow flowers at the Antonine Baths, Carthage, Tunisia.

    More Roman remains in Carthage.  The out of focus background works nicely with this image especially with the yellow flowers providing effectivly mirroring the stone flowers in the carving.

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  • POTD 21 May 2009: Carthage Column 21 May 2009

    The remains of a column surrounded by yellow flowers. At the Roman Theatre, Carthage, Tunisia.

    Not a lot to say about this image other than the fact that I like it.

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  • POTD 22 May 2009: Old and New 22 May 2009

    The old and the new. The dome of a Russian Orthodox Church and a modern office building, Tunis

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  • POTD 23 May 2009: Tunis 23 May 2009

    Traffic and city clock at Place du 7 Novembre, Tunis, Tunisia.

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  • POTD 24 May 2009: The Great Mosque Tunis 24 May 2009

    Dome of the Great Mosque (or Zitouna), Tunis, Tunisia

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  • POTD 25 May 2009: Colonade 25 May 2009

    The colonade in front of the prayer hall of the Great Mosque (or Zitouna), Tunis, Tunisia.

    The great mosque in Tunis is one of those places that it ought to be very difficult to get decent photos.  Non-muslims such as myself are only permitted in one end of the courtyard.  However there are so many interesting angles and features to photograph, such as this line of coloumns.

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  • POTD 26 May 2009: Texting in Sidi Bou Side 26 May 2009

    A man checks his mobile phone while walking bast traditional blue windows in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

    This image is one of my favourite images from Tunisia.  A print of it has been hanging on our lounge wall for a good few months and visitors to the house frequently comment on it.  But for some reason unknown to me the image has never made it to my POTD… until now.

    The story behind the image is that I was photographing the windows and the shadows they cast, thinking… what this really needs is an interesting person to just walk by.  Two minutes later…. and I had the photos.  It is one of those time that luck and a little bit of forethought come together to create the shot.

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  • POTD 27 May 2009: Kelly (1) 27 May 2009

    Kelly – Photoshoot

    Had a photoshoot with model, Kelly, today.  A little bit of fashion, some commercial images, a bit of glamour and some very messy shots too.   I show you a small selection of images from the shoot over the next few days as I do the processing on them.

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  • POTD 28 May 2009: Kelly (2) 28 May 2009

    Bargain Hunter?

    Another image from yesterday’s shoot with Kelly.  This is an image that I guess falls in to serveral categories: glamour, fashion lingerie and commercial too.

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  • POTD 29 May 2009: Kelly (3) 29 May 2009


    A sureal image from Wednesday shoot with Kelly.  This is a bit Salvador Dali, but I quite like it… and you never know what might sell as stock imagary.

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  • POTD 30 May 2009: Kelly (4) 30 May 2009

    Pie fight

    Another image from the shoot with Kelly.  I mentioned when I first started posting images from the shoot that we had done some messy photos.  Including this slapstick / custard pie set.

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