» » » ACADEMY BITE: Lessons from Greenland #18 – The harbour in Nuussuaq

ACADEMY BITE: Lessons from Greenland #18 – The harbour in Nuussuaq

The harbour in Nuussuaq, Nuuk, Greenland

The harbour in Nuussuaq, Nuuk, Greenland (Image Reference: FL0810A-G09805)

Date: 10 Aug 2018
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @102 mm
Exposure: 1/500s, f/8, ISO 125
Exposure mode: Aperture priority
Metering mode: Pattern
Exposure compensation: 2/3 EV

The following day we were in Nuuk, our penultimate stop in Greenland. Knowing what to go and photograph on my travels can be a bit of a challenge. When time permits I like to do my preparation before leaving home printing out guides, maps and walks that I can find online.

For the Greenland trip, I hadn’t managed to print out anything! Instead, I decided I’d use a different technique. As some readers will know I go Geocaching – using a GPS enabled device, such as a smartphone, to locate locations and objects hidden around the world. This normally takes me to some quite interesting places. Alas in Nuuk the two caches I was searching for turned out to be in opposite direction to the photogenic tourist locations.

On such cache location was under an electricity pylon, next to a construction site for a bypass running through the harbour of Nuussuq.

While this was disappointing photographically. One of the skills that all photographers should develop is the ability to find great images in whatever locations they find themselves. In this case, it wasn’t easy. I could see the boats in the harbour would make a great repetition image, but directly behind them was the construction work that I mentioned earlier. This meant that either I would have to sacrifice the width of the shot or else I would need to crop the image in post-production. In the end, I decided on the latter.

In Lightroom, I cropped off the top of the image which had earthworks and cranes in it. I also trimmed the bottom of the image a little which had a jetty that wasn’t adding to the composition. Thus giving this pleasing wide format image.

Settings wise I shot at f/8 to make the image as sharp as possible and focused about 1/3 into the scene to maximize the depth of field.

You can see the other images from this shoot here: http://photos.imb.biz/travel/greenland/nuuk1808

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