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“Theatre is emotion. Theatre is experience. Theatre is ephemeral.”

Once the curtain falls it remains only as a picture in the memory of those who took part and in the memory of those who watched. Over time our memories fade and we remember only the broad brushstrokes of that picture.

Good theatre photography will capture the details and keep them alive. Production photographs will provide a valuable resource and reference for the future. It is a record of not only what the set and costumes looked like but how they were lit in each scene.

For many productions, the performing licence prohibits the show or play from being recorded on video. As a result, often the only lasting record of a production is the photographs taken of it. Even when video is legal and possible, it is the still image that can really capture the emotion of a scene. The look in the eyes of an actor frozen in time can have an immense impact.

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My Experience

I have been providing photographic services to theatre since 2006. In that time I have photographed over 100 productions. I am the official photographer for Stockport Garrick Theatre.

My theatre photographs have appeared in local newspapers to accompany show write-ups. A photograph I took of Sir Ian McKellen was used as the cover for “Amateur Stage” magazine in 2008.

Services offered

All theatre groups require publicity: press releases, posters, flyers, listings and adverts. All of these look better and are more likely to “catch the eye” if accompanied by high quality, striking photographs.   All actors like to see top-quality production photographs.

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