Non-Paid Commercial Work

“Professional work for free”

It may sound unlikely, but there are times I will work for free. Before you rush off an email to me asking me to work for nothing for you, please read this page so that you understand why and when I will consider Non-Paid Commercial Work.

What is “non-paid commercial work”?

It may sound like a contradiction in terms. I use the term “non-paid” to describe when I am working for an organisation but I am choosing not to charge a fee, or I am working on an “expenses only” basis. However I still consider it as “commercial work” because I aim to treat those organisations in the same professional manner that I treat my paying commercial clients.

How often will I work on this basis?

Only occasionally will I undertake photography work for organisations either for free or on an expenses only basis. This happens where the organisation is one I wish to support or where a collaboration is in both our interests.

Photography is my full-time job and the means by which I pay my bills. I therefore have to limit the number of organisations I work with on this basis. Almost exclusively, non-paid commercial work of this sort tends to be with organisations with which I already have an existing relationship eg. theatres, churches or charities I am involved with. However if you don’t already know me and wish to approach me about working on a non-paid basis you are more than welcome to contact me. However please don’t be offended if I decline.

Terms and Conditions

Typically when working on a “non-paid” basis we will talk about terms on conditions ahead of the shoot. These however are my standard terms and conditions.

  1. All images remain copyright Ian M Butterfield
  2. The photographer will hold and archive master copies of ALL images taken at the shoot.
  3. An edited selection of the images from the shoot will be offered to the organisation.
  4. A licence is granted to the organisation for non-commercial use of the images. That is, the images can be used to publicise the organisation (eg. on the organisation’s website, in adverts, flyers and other promo materials).
  5. Unless prior permission is granted the images may NOT be used for any product that is sold. This includes any form of merchandise (eg. mugs, t-shirts, calendars, books or printed materials) from which the organisation (or its representatives) receive any form of remuneration. The use of the images for such commercial use may, at the photographer’s discretion, be subject to a fee.
  6. Where images are used non-commercially the following credit should be appear with the images: “Photography by Ian M Butterfield /”. If the credit is used on-line the link to should be clickable.
  7. If minors are present at the shoot, it is the organisations responsibility to ensure that all appropriate parental consent is obtained, and that a parent or legal guardian is present at the time of the shoot.
  8. The photographer reserves the right to use any of the edited images from the shoot that do not contain minors as example of his work.
  9. Any images containing minors that are used by the organisation in anyway are also considered to be available for use by the photographer as examples of his work.