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    Hi Garry,
    Ah, the hills around Castleton, a favourite walking place of mine. I really must go back, not been there for years! Interesting image and it shows the burnt ground of this hot summer. You have also done an excellent job of preserving the details in the sky.

    As an attempt at a “lead-in lines” image, I think it has been less successful. Looking at the line of the path, which is your lead-in line, if your eye follows it moves from the middle of the image to the edge. The path is more of a frame than a lead-in in this case.

    Think of a lead in line as an arrow – it should point to your subject and pull the eye into the image. In this case because it is along the edge of the frame it is pulling the eye out for the image rather than into it.

    There is, of course, the possibility that Instagram has chopped off the left of the frame (it has been known) if that is the case then I am sure the original composition was a lot more effective before the digital cropping imps at Instagram got their hands on it! If the path was this close to the left of the frame on the original then I would recommend including a bit more of the scene on the left.